Become your best self with resilience training.

Protect yourself

Shield yourself against the harmful mental and physical effects of stress, while utilizing it to stretch and strengthen your resilience.

Optimize Personal Performance

Maximize your cognitive effectiveness and improve your performance at work and in life.

Thrive in Challenging Social Settings

Develop interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence to excel when it matters most.

Step 1: Measure your Resilience

With our Functional Resilience Question-Air (FRQ)

Our short questionnaire identifies areas of strength and opportunities for growth. It measures four key resilience competencies: Perspective, personal effectiveness, emotional intelligence, and interpersonal competence.

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Step 2: Learn about Resilience

With our Air Campus 

The Campus provides on-demand learning opportunities for anyone, anywhere.

Use your FRQ scores to determine key points of interest.

We have the tools to help you expand your knowledge and awareness


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Step 3: Empower yourself for Growth 

With individualized coaching

Work closely with Air expert faculty to address challenges in your resilience-building journey. Your mentor will help you navigate the complexities of life as you stretch and strengthen.

We can help you become your best.



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